Tuesday, September 23, 2008


kay so i wanted this bigger but apparently its been scaled down against my wished.. but yeah this is a work in progress for my design class.. i ended up with two cut outs from magazines.. one being the bunch of asparagus the other being the cat with the beret and scarf. i have to make something of it. im making a poster. im jsut not sure what for yet or whether i like this layout. whatever i have three weeks to do it. what do you think?


guru baba said...
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vidiot said...

Hm, I like it. But yeah, I'm not exactly sure what it would be a poster for... Maybe an asparagus flavored cat food? The tag-line could be "CATSPARAGUS Cat Food: For the most cultured cats." or something like that. Y'know, to tie in with the whole cat wearing a beret and scarf. Because everyone knows "beret and scarf" = cultured and sophistication! EVERYONE!!

vidiot said...

OR! "CATSPARAGUS Cat Food: A cultured taste, for the most cultured cats."