Sunday, April 27, 2008

Sketchin' in public. i'm getting risky.

okay so rotate your head for the first one. it has for some reason unrotated itself. but yes. i was at a show in St.kitts tonight with Sleep the Season and Cuff the Duke, and i decide to draw them while they played...

so yeah the first one is of my friend ally while she looked at a picture on my camera, the second started out as a sketch of Casey Baker (another amazing musician) but doesnt look anything like him so.. pretend its not him.. the third is mine and Allys sketch page for the STS set... mine are the big ones heres are the littler ones. there are also two other band members who were blocked from our view.. they can be seen represented in the bottom right hand corner as stick figures. sorry justin and ben.

and the fourth is Wayne Petti lead singer of Cuff the Duke..

and the fifth is a just a close up of the bigger drawing above.

ENJOY! (also. their music is awesome. you should check them out)

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